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    CECL Solutions    

  Our solutions can help institutions manage financial stability and improve profitability


Aggregate Models


Current version models are based on regional data and macroeconomic variables that incorporated time-series modeling techniques. Future developments will include asset and/or institutional level models. These models can be used as components of forecast modeling, benchmarking and parallel testing.



Institutional Reports and Models


Risk performance reports and time-series data from commercial banks, loan associations and credit unions are provided for modeling purposes. Aggregate forecast models are also included in the reports that can be combined with customer data for modeling. The time-series data at institutional and aggregate levels will be updated on a regular basis along with macroeconomic variables for periodic forecast needs.


Cold Mountians

Customized Models

To accommodate business needs and improve model accuracy, model enhancements are provided with additional data inputs and stipulations. In many cases, customized models can be combined with the off-the-shelf models to evaluate the impacts by both internal credit policy and regional economy.


London City

Consulting Services

Comprehensive consulting services are provided not only to develop customized CECL models, but also to address any analytic needs including data platform, compliance reports and model tracking systems. Our team is capable of customizing asset types and building sophisticated forecast models at account, cohort and/or portfolio levels.


Western QRM is committed to provide high quality solutions for our clients to assess and control financial risks. We believe that the quantitative solutions are the key to manage daily operations of financial institutions which encompass risks, growth and profits. Our solutions are effective and supported by years of experience and research.

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